Today I will tell You about the soldiers. Combat units that perform basic tasks in the game, capture cities and fight on the battlefield with the enemy.

You are probably thinking why such a bad detail of soldiers. It is not an accident, and my laziness. It is a deliberate decision that certainly requires revision. Before I started developing the game, I had a lot of preparation. A lot of time strolling through the Park, I pondered the details of the game, including warriors.


  1. Soldiers had to solve three very different and controversial issues.
  2. Warriors should be attractive and easily distinguishable in the game.
  3. The warriors should easily unofficious player (friend or foe)

Warriors should not be demanding. As planned the battle to more than 200 soldiers in the unit. Imagine how difficult have computer. You can watch this video. This is the updated alpha, which is not yet released in open access. 8:50 shows clearly how the battle of the enemy force, consisting of more than 400 riders. And very noticeable braking in the game. Therefore, you need some serious optimization or powerful computer.

I had to abandon detailed warriors in the game. Note that this is not the final look of a warrior. And I want to improve the picture and keep high performance.

So the player sees the soldiers now in the game.

Agree, if I use high detail, the player almost without notice.

Now slightly depart from questions of detail.

Everything should be in order.

Warriors, what should they be? In order to understand everything that happens in the game, I need to tell you about my way of the warrior.

A warrior should look like.

Let them not look so in the game, but the imagination must help us immersed in the game. My task is not to make soldiers so realistic in the game, but I have to give the mechanics and features of the soldiers of that era. To convey their behavior in the game.

Why your party to fight?

When answering this question, we will get a clear understanding of why the warriors needed to own a horse, have light armor, have multiple types of weapons for battle at different distances. In the era of the Mongol-Tatar yoke of the nomads can be divided into two groups. (Let me just historians)

The first type of nomads is a peaceful settlement, which traveled across the steppe, depending on the time of year, to ensure their flocks food. The steppes could not boast a great abundance of herbs. More likely they had a small number of warriors. To ensure the protection.

The second type of nomads, was due to attacks on settlements. They were engaged in looting, replenishment of supplies and soldiers in captured towns. Because of the constant movement, the soldiers are forced to be mobile. The horse they were not only transportation but also their home.

They could not carry heavy armor, weapons and other items, because their horses tired quickly. At the same time, their warrior was universal soldier. He could start the fight from long range using a bow and arrows, and then take a spear and to organize a powerful pressure on the enemy.

When the battle moved into the melee, he took out his sword or dagger and quickly could destroy the enemy.

Why am I all that I tell.

In my game you will manage a small group or a giant Horde of versatile riders. Which can attack and defend. In the current alpha version of the game, the warrior is a rider with a spear. Which attacks on cities and attacks the enemy in the field.

This is wrong. Soldiers must use the weapons depending on the task being performed. In most strategy games where you build a squad of archers, swordsmen detachment and a squad of spears. Then attack the town where the good archers kill swordsmen, swordsmen kill spearmen, spearmen and horsemen.It's very simple. Each warrior has to his advantage.

But how to use it to a generic warrior. The simplest solution is to give the rider all kinds of weapons, and he simply chooses the weapon type battle.

This is quite interesting!!!

My game will be a completely new mechanic. It allows you to maintain the momentum of the game and ease of management. Most importantly, it allows you to make the game more complex and diverse the tactics of the game.

Everyone knows what is the salary or award. Every warrior will get the reward (loot) for the battle and use it to improve your weapons. Of course you will be able to influence his choices, but not completely.

First, for award, we need money. Now in alpha version there is no money. I will soon finish their development.

How to make money, and I will tell you in next articles. Can share the secret is trade, manufacturing, cities, battles and looting.

After the warriors receive a reward, the player might say: "In the near future I plan to capture the city and not engage in battles with the enemy." After what the warrior alone decides what weapons it needs to be armed, and how he has enough money.

The more money you have, the more powerful it will have weapons and strong armor. Suppose now that a warrior can die from being hit by 5 arrows. But if a player gives an order to buy a sturdy armor for the attack on the city. Warrior will buy it in the city and will receive + 2 armor against arrows or + 10 if this is expensive armor. (Numbers are an example. In the game it may change)

How am I going to implement it. Will tell in future articles and show in the new video reviews.

I will finish this part of the article, the following will talk about the technical development of soldiers for the alpha version.

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